Jessica Deters and Izzy Aguiar are undergraduates in the Applied Mathematics and Statistics (AMS) department at the Colorado School of Mines. Jessica and Izzy share passions in education, applied mathematics, journalism, and diversity in STEM.

Among their many jobs and roles on campus, Jessica and Izzy serve as Colloquium Correspondents for their department. As Colloquium Correspondents, Jessica and Izzy report before the biweekly departmental colloquia on stories about mathematics from around the world. The content of these stories ranges from the statistical analysis of the 2016 election to the use of earthquakes to predict crime, to the modeling of coffee brewing. For the colloquia Jessica and Izzy also have the honor and privilege of interviewing and reporting on the incredible professors of the AMS department at the Colorado School of Mines. In doing so, they aim to share the amazing accomplishments of their professors with the entire department and help foster an accepting and supportive community. To see videos of past and future colloquia, check out and subscribe to the AMS Colloquium YouTube channel.

In January of 2017, Jessica and Izzy will be reporting from the Joint Mathematics Meetings. They will attend workshops, talks, and events, conduct interviews, and compile their stories here.



This photo was taken of Teja Krasek’s ‘Happy Fractal Creatures’ at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in January 2017. The photo was taken by Izabel Aguiar.